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Racing Pigeon Books and DVDs

Racing Pigeon Books and DVDs

How did he, she, they do that!? (or words to mean the same) has, probably, been heard to be uttered, at some point in time, from the mouths of many devoted pigeon racing enthusiasts when astounded at another pigeon fancier’s racing performance. Arguably, the same question asked since the sport began.

After all, just when it is considered that the winning system is in place, the pigeons are on form, the birds are trapping well and the wind is in the right direction… Someone, somewhere has pipped you to the post and timed in a cracker (in more formal english… beaten your pigeon to win the race).

Fortunately, many of these winning pigeon fanciers have been willing to share the secrets of their successes in books, magazines and dvds throughout the years so that all may benefit from their knowledge. Old Squills‘ and ‘Homing World’ books, vintage / antique copies of ‘The Racing Pigeon’ and the ‘Pictorial’ are still available and all contain a wealth of information, experience and expertise that need not be forever lost in time.

In more recent decades the benefit of easily accessible films in the form of DVDs have been made available and, thankfully, there is no shortage of extensive worldwide footage showing the lofts, systems and even interviews with winning fanciers themselves.

So… How did he, she, they do that!? … Arguably, just read, watch, listen to and learn from the pro’s.